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Training Program

The following list of programs are available for free to our members. 

Transit and Paratransit Operator Training
Duration: 112 Hrs

The quality and content of your operator training is by far the most important factor in your operations. It sets the foundation for everything else you do.  This course contains the highest quality transit and paratransit bus driver training videos containing multiple narrators, many drivers and really demonstrates the safest actions to help driver do it right, the first time, every time.  This course is comprehensive, systematic and continually focuses on safe, high quality service which is integrated into every one of the 28 programs.  This program is free for members only.

To The Scene Training
Supervisor Introduction to OTRP and “To the Scene” Response
Duration: 2 Hrs in-person, 38 Min. online video
This material is designed to introduce the transit supervisor to the basics of pooling and OTRP membership as it relates to accident/incident response and investigation. It covers the why and how of information collection and reporting of accidents as well as “to the scene” response. It deals with basic accident documentation skills including scene preservation and photography, as well as, interaction with the operator, 3rd parties and the authorities at the accident scene. 
Online Video  Presentation PDF
Aggression Management
Aggression Management
Duration: 2 Hrs
This course provides participants with tools and skills to recognize building aggression in themselves and others.  It provides strategies and confidence to appropriately address situations and diffuse building aggression as well as recognize when a violent act may be likely and steps should be taken to protect themselves and others.  This training is appropriate for all employees.
Mobility Device Securement
Mobility Device Securement
Duration: 2 – 4 Hours (minimum 4 hrs with “hands on” practice)
This course provides participants with tools and skills to best secure and transport diverse mobility devices (beyond the institutional wheelchair) and the passengers that use them.  It is designed to help them think creatively and make good judgments in less than ideal situations.  The participant is exposed to video of actual incidents and the consequences of not properly securing these devices as well as introducing them to the latest equipment and best practices in the industry.
Leadership Training
Introduction to Transit Leadership
Duration: 1 Day Seminar
The training is designed to help individuals understand the concepts and develop the skills necessary for effective leadership.  The training has a transit oriented approach that makes the material relevant and applicable for anyone with supervisory responsibility in a transit environment.  This one day seminar is an excellent opportunity for transit professionals at all levels to acquire and hone their leadership skills and better equips them to make a positive impact towards a safe and secure environment in our transit properties. 
Bus Fire Preparedness
Introduction to Bus Evacuation
Duration: 2 Hrs
This course provides participants with tools and skills to plan and prepare for emergencies that would require evacuation of a bus.  The material includes discussion of emergency preparedness, scenario planning, and simulation of a smoke filled bus.  This training is thought provoking and should simulate ongoing conversation beyond the 2-hour session.
Fatigue Awareness
Fatigue Awareness In Transit
Duration: 2 Hrs
This course examines the effect of fatigue on transit operators and overall transit operations.  It highlights operational, financial, and physical impacts of fatigue.  It also explains sleep and the different levels of sleep as well as the body’s need for timely appropriate sleep.  It also discusses tools relating to fatigue awareness and prevention in an effort to equip participants with strategies to avoid fatigue.  
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