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Day of Injury


Covers the critical processes that occur on the day of an

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Nat. Safety Compliance

(Checked Out)

3 Individual programs - Employees, Supervisors & Managers & Conducting the Investigation.Each binder contains a DVD, Trainers Guide and reproduciblequizzes, student certificates, logs and attendance forms.

Bloodborne Pathogens - Protect Yourself


This program is designed for workers who are not designated to respond in an emergency but may contract bloodborne pathogens as first-on-the-scene good samaritans, housekeeping employees or laundry staff.

Conquering Difficult Conversations - Managing Conflict

J.J. Keller

In this training program, learn more about the various types of conflict and how best each can be moderated. Areas of conflict discussed include those between coworkers, between a supervisor and subordinate, and between two supervisors. By demonstrating effective and ineffective examples of handling conflict, the video teaches supervisors to act in an objective, unbiased manner.

Diversity: The Real Scene


Raise awareness about one of the most important issues in the contemporary workplace. By alerting your employees to potentially difficult situations, they'll avoid harassing and disrespectful behaviors, creating a healthy environment for everyone with no costly lawsuits.

Fire Safety: Extinguishing Risk

J.J. Keller

This training program covers the basics of fire safety and prevention. It covers common fire hazards and how to control them, recommends evacuation procedures and gives portable fire extinguisher guidelines.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Training Network

Every year fires cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and result in hundreds of employee injuries, even death if the proper precautions aren't taken. Teach your employees the proper way to use a fire extinguisher with the informative video.

Fish! Catch the Energy, Release the Potential

Charthouse Learning

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Fish! is a tool to help lease people toward creating an environment where everyone chooses to bring energy, pass8ion and a positive attitude with them each day, an environment in which people are truly connected to their work, their colleagues and to their customers.

Forklift Safety - Real, Real Life


Each year over 100 workers are killed, and almost 95,000 others experience serious injuries in forklift accidents. Taking the time to practice safe forklift operating procedures can protect workers from painful injuries and financial loss. This DVD program will help you and your employees avoid permanent, life-threatening injuries.

Have a Nice Day!


(Checked Out)

Skills and techniques for maintaining a safe environment on your bus

Lockout/Tagout - Lightning in a Bottle


Fatal injuries occur in workplaces when hazardous energy is released and lockout/tagout procedures are not in place. Use this vital program to train your workers on the proper lockout/tagout procedures.

The Mark


A fast paced training video depicting a fictionalized version of an all-too-real threat against an average metropolitan tansit system. It demonstrates to transit employees how asking the right questions and following their instincts when faced with suspicious and unusual circumstances could ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

One Will Die - The John Martin Story

J.J. Keller

(Checked Out)

This powerful program brings a dramatic true story to life in an unforgettable illustration of the horrific injuries and life-changing consequences that resulted from unsafe work practices and poor safety attitude. This video demonstrates how the choices we make each day can impact ourselves, our families and our coworkers.

Office Ergonomics

The Training Network

Reduce ergonomics injuries and promote comfort. This recent update of a best-selling video addresses how to recognize ergonomic problems, the potential of adverse effects, and practical solutions employees themselves can use to help deal with ergonomic problems I the office. This program focuses on how to make your employees feel safe and more productive, as well as feel better at the end of the day.

Telephone Courtesy; The Royal Connection


This program demonstrates courteous and effective telephone techniques to ensure that your customers keep calling back. It demonstrates the right and wrong ways to stay organized, maintain professionalism and be attentive and responsive to customers.

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety

Convergence Training

Prepare yourself and your team to work safely with and around compressed gas cylinders. This DVD describes compressed gas cylinders and how they are commonly used. Use this training module to raise awareness about potential hazards and learn best practices for storage, transport, installation, and use of compressed gas cylinders.

Compressed Air Fundamentals

Convergence Training

Prepare yourself and your team to work safely with and around compressed air systems. Use this DVD to get a better understanding of the benefits and uses of compressed air. This course discusses the types of compressors (reciprocating, rotary screw, and centrifugal), the relationship between pressure, temperature and volume, gauge vs. absolute pressure, and air quality considerations. Additional topics include air cooling and drying as well as managing airborne, oil, and moisture contamination.

Remember Me


(Checked Out)

A hapless, harried customer. That's who you'll meet in Remember Me: A person just like you who turns to businesses like yours and receives less-than-ideal service. The beauty of this program is its simplicity. In just 10 minutes, it reminds the audience what it feels like to be on the receiving end of bad service.

Safe Driving - Real Life


(Checked Out)

This program teaches your employees that attitude is the key to safe driving. It will help your employees maneuver through the speed bumps in the creative and fast-paced program.

Fire Evacuation DVD Megapack (4 Programs)

Get Out - Stay Out has been produced specifically for training staff in the procedures they must follow in the event of a fire at their workplace, from raising the alarm to the safe evacuation of the buildings occupants. Focus On Fire has been produced to help those responsible for fire safety or training to ensure that all new employees have the necessary information to be able to react correctly to a fire or similar emergency. Focus On Fire Wardens is specifically for training staff who have been designated as fire wardens/marshals, so that they are aware of their role in a fire situation as well as what they can do on a day to day basis to ensure a high standard of fire safety and help prevent fires from starting. The Burning Question covers fire evacuation procedures and general fire safety/prevention in the workplace and is suitable for training staff in most workplaces. This program is a great way to get everyone involved and gives the trainer the opportunity to assess what staff understands about fire safety.



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