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Passenger Education Posters

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Always Hang On

Transit vehicles make frequent stops and turns, make sure to hang on to the handles and railings while riding the bus and during entering or exiting.

Unattended Objects

If you see unattended objects on the vehicle or at a bus stop, please alert your RTA or the police. We are all responsible to keep each other safe.

Take A Seat

When possible, take a seat while riding the bus. This keeps the aisle clear and keeps you secure when the vehicle is moving. 

Listen To Operator 

As a passenger it is important to listen to vehicle operator instructions throughout the ride. The vehicle operator needs to be able to communicate to passengers for their safety. 

Exiting the Bus

When exiting the bus be sure to utilize the rear doors. This allows the people entering the bus in the front more time to board, purchase or scan a ticket and to find a seat.

Use Phone Light

Your phone can be a useful safety tool. It helps increase the driver's awareness of your location when pulling up to the bus stop.

Wait for a Full Stop

Wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before entering or exiting. Once the vehicle comes to a complete stop listen for operator instructions while entering or exiting.

Emergency Exits

Look around you for the nearest exit it could be behind you or right next to you in the window.

Be Aware

Pay attention to your surroundings and what is happening around you. Smart phones and headphones can cause you to lose awareness of your surroundings. 

Secure Bike 

Securing your bike to the bus bike rack is easy. In a few steps you can properly mount your bike and hop on the bus stress free. Click here for a video demonstration.

Don't Cross in Front of the 

The area directly in front and behind the bus is referred to as the danger zone. When exiting wait for the bus to completely pull away from the stop before crossing the street at a designated cross walk. This keeps you safe and allows the bus to continue their route. 

Watch Your Step

It's easy to fall when you're in a hurry while boarding the bus. To avoid taking a tumble make sure to watch your step and use the handrails when entering or exiting the vehicle. 

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