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Info and Claims Process

Ohio Law Regarding RTA Bus Claims

Under Ohio Revised Code 2744.05, RTA buses are considered to be political subdivisions of Ohio and have sovereign immunity when they get into accidents. Because of this law, if there is any other insurance at the time of the accident it must be primary. We will then cover any expenses the insurance does not cover. These expenses can include your deductible, towing fee, rental coverage, etc. There is no liability strike with your insurance company with this process.

Claims Process

1. File Your Claim - Click the button below to input info regarding the claim you are making.

2. Investigation - Typically takes us no longer than 10 business days to investigate the claim. We will update you along the way.

3. Submit Documents - If we accept liability for the claim, we will reach out to you to gather documents needed to process the claim. You can also submit files while you're filing a claim if you would like and have them available. 

4. Receive Settlement - If we accept liability, once we receive all the needed documents from you, we will mail you out a check for your out-of-pocket costs. 

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